Award winning project – Skoda Showroom

  • PROJECT CATEGORY – Commercial
  • TYFE – Architectural Design , Interior and Execution
  • LOCATION – Nasik
  • STATUS – Completed
  • START YEAR – 2000
  • END YEAR – 2002
  • CLIENTS – Skoda
  • AREA – 40000 sq.ft
  • COST -6 CR

PROJECT DESCRIPTION -This award-winning project was started with a simple belief that a Design should always look like the function it is meant for ” and therefore, the showroom must look charismatic and beguiling.

This showroom thus proved to be one of the Company’s centrepieces. The design is veiy very racy, rather like the prototype of a new car about to roll. Its tensile structure, all glass envelope , fluidity of internal spaces, unique planning, central circular staircase; end up making it a scene – stealer. It is an impeccable merge of space, volume, and various elements forming a sole strong identity. This carefully woven design have easily managed to grab many prestigious awards in its sack including ” Best Skoda Showroom ” award.

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