Chitra Tibrewal’s Interview with

Interview with:

Ar.Chitra Tibrewal


  • What is your specialization in architecture?
    We are specialised in space designnings especially for banglows,Multiplexes,commertial and residential complexes.
  • What is it for you a good architectural design?
    Good Architectural piece is that which is comfortable for user FUNCTIONALLY and ASTHETICALY.
  • What era of architecture most fascinates you?
    All eras are playing roll according to the social and political situations. Architecture is usually influenced accordingly.
  • List the name of a famous building which you don’t care for.
    I don’t think any one is in my this list.
  • What hardware and software do you use that you deem as indispensable?
    I have Autocad and 3d models for explaining designs.
  • In which city do you live or work and why?
    I live in Indore(M.P.state in India) and also practicing at Nashik,Mumbai(Maharashtra state in India). Because we are working in team in and around the M.P.and Maharashtra.
  • Do you work with other architects? How is the team set up?
    We work in a team named GUPTA’S ASSOCIATED ARCHITECTS PVT.LTD. We have office at Nashik(Maharashtra state in India) and at Indore(M.P.state in India).
  • What do you think of competitions? What types of competitions do you normally compete in?
    Competitions are arranged to get different alternatives and ideas.But I am against of the cometetions in which way they are been organised.
  • Mantaining the signature of a building, how is the identity of the surroundings respected?
    By giving equal importance in space planning and asthetic treatment.
  • Which architects, past or present, do you admire?
    Sir Frank lloyed wright,Sir Charls corea
  • In your professional philosophy, what comes first, function or form?
    Designning is a complete thaught.Terms like first and last are out listed.
  • Do you view suburban sprawl as an ecological threat and a waste of resources? Do you advocate for more vertical and denser town planning?
    Its need of city according to geologiacal condition.
  • What will the single-family home of 2050 be like?
    A very High-tech and compact.I wonder whether we will be able to call it a family or not.
  • For you, which new materials provoke the most interest?
    Which gives high performance and good finish,Texture,shape.