Shrimal Bungalow

  • PROJECT CATEGORY – Residential
  • TYFE – Architectural Design and Execution
  • LOCATION – Indore
  • STATUS – Completed
  • START YEAR – 2010
  • END YEAR – 2012
  • CLIENTS – Mr. Shrimal
  • AREA – Built area = 3000 sq.ft
    Plot area = 1800 sq.ft
  • COST – 50 lacs

PROJECT DESCRIPTION -This chalet was designed for a joint family in such a manner that each floor entertains a single family. As they say – ” It’s the love of the family that makes a HOUSE a HOME”‘, the layout was very carefully spun so that despite living on several floors, there will always be a place where they can come together and celebrate happiness.

Despite built on a traditional believes, the facade was kept modern to give a bungalowlook which itself is a representation that wherever we go, we always like things to be modern but still have a bit of tradition.